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6 thoughts on “ J. Krishnamurti* - Thought Breeds Fear

  1. So it is fear that breeds authority; one wants to live in a respected, accepted way which society has established. It is this very fear that has conditioned the mind; it is fear that has built the society to which the mind has become a slave. The mind has created this society through its fear.
  2. There are some other irrational functions like feeling; that might bring about fear as well. KRISHNAMURTI: I am taking that one particular thing, there are other factors too. Questioner (1): There is fear of the unknown, fear of tomorrow; it is based on attachment to a belief.
  3. J. Krishnamurti Freedom from the Known Chapter 5 It dare not move away from its own patterns of thinking, and this breeds hypocrisy. Until we are free from fear, climb the highest you will be free from fear; then the mind can use thought without creating fear. Thought, like memory, is, of course, necessary for daily living. It is the.
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  5. J. Krishnamurti Talks in Europe Rome 1st Public Talk 10th March Thought creates distance as well as time, so thought breeds fear. After all, there is in the Christian world original sin, whatever that may mean, and Christians everywhere have been conditioned through propaganda to believe in this original sin. And, of course, that.
  6. We are not doing a propaganda, we are not trying to convince you of anything, because we are not an authority, we are not a guru. To me it is an abomination in matters of the spirit to have any kind of authority. For authority breeds fear, conformity, acceptance of someone who knows and another who does not know. But when one says, 'I know' you.

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